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Letters to the editor, February 10


The Denton Record-Chronicle welcomes letters to the editor pertaining to the March 4 primary elections. Letters must follow all regular submission rules. Election letters must be received in this office by 5 p.m. Feb. 20; none will be published after Feb. 27.

Look at the facts

Those opposed to an increase in the minimum wage say that it will eliminate jobs. It is actually more likely to create jobs.

This is because 70 percent of our economy is driven by consumer spending, and there are so many low-wage employees who cannot spend because they don’t have the money.

An increase in the minimum wage will put more money in the pockets of these workers; they will use it for consumer spending, and this spending will create more jobs than the increased wages will eliminate.

It is informative to look at what other countries have done. It is no accident that Australia, with a minimum wage of more than $15 an hour, has a lower unemployment rate than we do. Since their workers have more money to spend, this spending creates the jobs that reduce this rate.

It’s too bad that our politicians can’t drop their ideology long enough to look at the facts.

Bob Michaelsen,