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Letters to the editor, February 18


The Denton Record-Chronicle welcomes letters to the editor pertaining to the March 4 primary elections. Letters must follow all regular submission rules. Election letters must be received in this office by 5 p.m. Thursday; none will be published after Feb. 27.


Re-elect Mary Horn

I am writing in support of keeping Mary Horn for Denton County judge. I had the privilege of working with her when I served as mayor of Highland Village in 2000–2006.

She is a conservative, a wise leader, a good listener, has fire in her desire to serve and does not hesitate to represent the values and interests of ordinary people on the county Commissioners Court.

Under Judge Horn’s strong administration, Denton County experienced robust growth in population that is now more than 680,000, and total property tax-base values that increased from $26.2 billion in 2002 to more than $53.2 billion in 2011.

This economic growth also helped reduce the county’s unemployment rate that year to 7.8 percent, while the statewide rate remained at 8.1 percent and the national unemployment rate exceeded 9.1 percent.

Additionally, as an administrative arm of the Texas Legislature, the Commissioners Court has far-reaching effects upon the lives of everyone in the county. Denton County will continue to have good conservative leadership and a positive outlook for the future by making the right choice now and re-electing Mary Horn for Denton County judge.

Bill Lawrence,

Highland Village