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Letters to the editor, February 28

The bigger story

Kudos to the Denton Record-Chronicle for its excellent coverage of the budget woes surrounding the University of North Texas libraries. However, this story reflects a bigger tragedy facing Texas colleges and universities.

The reality is that public funding for higher education has been repeatedly slashed by the Legislature.

This has led to rising tuition and fees, which squeezes students and their families. It has also meant that university administrators — and even faculty and staff — are spending more time chasing wealthy donors than doing what they do best: educating our students.

If the UNT library is not adequately funded, student learning and faculty research will suffer.

But more importantly, if higher education is not adequately funded, it will put a drag on our economy and jeopardize the future of our state.

The legislature must reverse this damaging trend and ensure that our colleges and universities get the resources they need to thrive.

Idean Salehyan,