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Letters to the editor, March 1

Reducing inequality

Although we will never want to eliminate inequality, it is still in our best interests to try to reduce it because it has some very unfavorable social consequences such as crime.

The best way to reduce inequality is to provide educational opportunities to poor children, and only the “government” is going to provide these opportunities. However, before these children can benefit from educational opportunities, they need to have their basic needs met, such as, food, housing and medical care.

In many cases, minimum wage caretakers are unable to provide these basics. Since charities are already overwhelmed, only the “government” will be able to fill the gap.

I know that it is fashionable to hate the “government,” but wouldn’t it be better to take the more rational approach of evaluating each government program on its merits?

Bob Michaelsen,



Flim-flam and scare tactics

With all the cold weather, I heard people say they wish that some of Al Gore’s global warming baloney was true. It was revealing when we saw a ship of globe warming scientists frozen in the Antarctic ice.

The facts are, the Arctic ice has grown by 29 percent in a year — Daily Mail. Lake Superior will completely freeze over, which has not happened since the ice-age scare three decades ago.

But droids from the left do not care about things like facts, science, common sense and climategate; leftism runs on flim-flam and scare tactics.

It is all about trying to convince people to be yoked with more taxes — tap and trade.

These are the same morons that also called for departure taxes and a universal tax and more gas taxes, income taxes and mandates.

Do you think these taxes really affect the rich? No.

But it is crushing average folks — young adults, families and seasoned citizens.

Big government and their bobbleheads use class warfare, “tax the rich and give to the poor.” When in reality, these tax monies are funneled to the bloated corrupt government and then dependent-creating crumbs are thrown to the poor.

As always, low and middle incomes suffer the most under these recycled failed socialist policies of yesteryears.

We need to follow what has made our young nation number one: small government and capitalism. Let’s clean house in 2014, by booting out the bums in support of more crippling taxes — kick out all the Dems and RINOs.

Eric Mach,