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Letters to the editor, March 8

Deep freeze of time

In a recent attempt to demonize Democrats and liberals, Lee Nahrgang has ventured into the deep freeze of time. For the ice cubes of one-sided praise for Tricky Dickie Nixon [DRC, Jan. 30], he makes a lame attempt to glorify the Republican Party for not supporting the Trickster when he lied to the American people.

Any person with an ounce of political learning knows the GOP abandoned the Nixon ship of state because it was so obvious to Republicans that he was guilty and what would that do to the party in the next election.

Next, Nahrgang fires a salvo of charges against his favorite target, President Barack Obama. He accuses him of illegally changing Obamacare himself and making other laws, too.

I suppose what he is referring to is an “executive order,” but Nahrgang has no concept of the principle.

He claims, “The Constitution has Congress make and change laws. It has presidents carry out those laws.”

Is this Nahrgang gibberish or is he assuming an executive order is illegal? If that is your contention, best dust off the jail house.

Obama has used it 170 times; Clinton used it 364; Bush Jr. used it 291.

In ranting about supposed lies of other presidents, how did you manage to miss Bush’s out-and-out lie that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction? He lied us into the longest war in our nation’s history.

He makes Clinton and Nixon look like pikers.

John Nance Garner, Denton