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Letters to the editor, March 15

Worse off

Bubba called. Asked if that was a “State of the Union” speech from Obama or a “State of the Coup” speech? Has our Chicago-trained “fearless” leader forgotten there is a Constitution that prevents him from making laws or changing laws?

Sounded more like a banana republic tinhorn dictator speech, instead of a speech worthy of a president of the United States.

Obama promised: “do what I say or I’ll go over or around you [Congress] and make law on my own; I have a pen and a phone and sure don’t need Congress.”

Course, none of the problems/troubles/scandals of the last five years are Obama’s fault — take your pick on who/what to blame: Fox News, Republicans, talk radio, tea party or President Bush; nothing is ever Obama’s fault.

Bubba asked when did success become bad and when did failure become a goal to strive for? This is the formula from Obama, who has fed at the government trough all his life and was raised on class warfare by mentors and associates.

Quinnipiac Poll reported in the Washington Times (Jan. 27): 53 percent of voters say the Obama administration has not been competent running the government. Bubba wants to know where the other 47 percent have been living for the last five years — Mars?

Bubba said to remember Sam Houston’s words: “Texas has yet to learn submission to any oppression, come from what source it may.” To paraphrase what President Reagan asked: Are you better off than when Obama took office? The answer is a resounding “no.”

Alice Gore, Denton