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Letters to the editor, March 20

Interesting times

It’s said that prophecy is difficult, especially about the future. Here’s my prophecy and comments regarding Obamacare.

Not many previously uninsured will become insured; the majority of those signing up are doing it to get subsidies or because they have health problems. This is effectively expansion of Medicaid.

A relatively small number of persons are being affected by the individual mandate. It’s a funded failure.

Significant numbers of persons will become dependent on subsidies and expanded Medicaid, so it’s unlikely that Obamacare will be repealed, because of the resulting anguish.

The business mandate has been delayed, which may badly undercut the ability of the Republicans to use that as a campaign issue. Even if Republicans win the Senate, they can’t repeal Obamacare over a presidential veto. The delaying is unlawful, but nobody will or can prosecute Obama; it’s a dangerous precedent.

Employee health coverage has been declining for decades, and will continue to decline.

Business in cahoots with government is fascism, and disastrous. We need to get both big government and big business out of health care, in order to survive.

If we did, the entire system would have to become much leaner, with less paid care, more self-care, more charitable care, easier entry to the health care profession at the clinic level and reduced income to hospitals, insurance companies and medical specialists. Medical horror stories would continue.

Old Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times.

Ross Melton Jr.,