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Letters to the editor, March 22

Real science

Eric Mach is at it again — repeating the mistruths of the science deniers regarding global climate change.

Rather than listen to actual scientists who study climate change day in and day out, year after year, Mr. Mach chooses to quote [DRC, March 1] a British tabloid article that uses one singular event to justify their ignorance.

After quoting the article’s sensational headline, he fills the rest of his 200 words with his usual drivel blaming Democrats and liberals for every problem imaginable.

Simply Google “daily mail arctic ice debunked,” and read the articles from serious journalists who respect real science.

Either Mr. Mach chose not to check his source, or he intentionally repeats outright lies to further his extreme right-wing cause.

And therein is the problem. These outrageous lies get repeated and people who will not check the facts get drawn into a world of ignorance.

While real science takes years of methodical research, analysis of data and corroboration from other scientists before the findings are accepted, any idiot with a word processor and one piece of data can get themselves published by low-information sources such as The Daily Mail or Fox News.

Gary Ardis, Oak Point