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Letters to the editor, March 26

Bogus schemes

Apparently, right-wing extremists have received new instructions from sources claiming to have inside information or valid insights about their perceived enemies, i.e. Obama and liberals.

Sadly, however, these followers seldom fact-check these sources and foolishly perpetuate such bogus stories by posting them on letters to the editor columns.

The most recent provided by Reynolds Griffith [DRC, March 19], claims that Obama is acting dictatorially by changing established law through fiat rather than through the Constitution or his executive privilege rights.

Yet, when challenged to cite even one example of such despotic behavior, his accusers become silent or provide stories that are quickly debunked by reliable fact-checkers.

The tactic used by those on the right to build support for the GOP and hopefully regain the White House, along with both houses of Congress, doesn’t demonstrate any genuine strategy that will solve our problems.

It only raises hysterical claims through misinformation and outright lies about a president who has twice now been preferred over what Republicans have offered voters.

When adversaries have to rely on bogus schemes and misinformation campaigns to win voter confidence, our electoral process becomes a joke and democracy is ill-served. Obama is no longer running for re-election and has never been a Muslim, socialist or a foreign citizen.

Yet, the GOP has spent billions on this strategy to confuse the voting public in the hopes that more of them will find this reason enough to vote against their own self-interests.

Larry Beck,