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Letters to the editor, April 1

Davis best choice

How can any patriotic Texan vote for a candidate who campaigns with someone like Ted Nugent? Like George Bush and Dick Cheney, Nugent weaseled out of going to Vietnam. He called President Obama a chimpanzee and mongrel.

Do we really want a governor who associates with people like that just to get votes from the National Rifle Association?

As attorney general, it is Greg Abbott’s job to prosecute deadbeat dads and make them pay child support or go to jail. I know a divorced mother who tried for 10 years to get help from the attorney general and she finally had to hire her own lawyer.

Her ex-husband still owes her back child support.

In our Texas justice system, kids who get caught with marijuana go to jail but deadbeat dads are allowed to laugh at the law. As attorney general, it is part of Greg Abbott’s job to correct this, but he has failed miserably.

Abbott is running against state Sen. Wendy Davis for governor. The Republicans are trying to smear her, claiming that she came from a low-class background, got divorced and abandoned her children.

That’s a lie.

Wendy Davis became famous when she stood up to the Neanderthals in the state Legislature by filibustering against a bill that made it harder for poor women to get good health care.

We have a chance to bring Texas out of the dark ages after 20 years of George Bush and Rick Perry. Let’s not blow it.

Bob Chaney,