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Letters to the editor, April 7

Usurping powers

I didn’t expect much substance from Obama supporters in response to my letter about Obama illegally changing the law [DRC, March 19]. However, I felt surprised and resentful at the March 26 letter smearing me with red herrings.

For the record: I have never said I had inside information — Obama’s actions are a matter of public record and reported in the news. I have never said nor thought that Obama is a Muslim. I think he was born in Hawaii, not that I think it makes any difference.

Now, back to the relevant issue: There is no “executive privilege right” for the president to change the law. The Constitution says “all legislative powers” are vested in Congress. That means only Congress can make or amend laws.

Examples of Obama claiming to do so anyway are easy to come by.

Here’s a few:

The law: The employer mandate begins Jan 1, 2014.

Obama: We’re postponing the employer mandate to Jan 1, 2015.

The law: Subsidies are to be available through the state exchanges.

Obama: We’re giving them through the federal exchanges anyway.

The law: The open enrollment period ends March 31.

Obama: We’re extending it for anyone who says they’ve had trouble signing up.

It’s still clear that he’s usurping powers given by the Constitution to Congress.

Reynolds Griffith,