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Letters to the editor, April 14


The Denton Record-Chronicle welcomes letters to the editor pertaining to the May 10 city and school elections. Letters must follow all regular submission rules. Election letters must be received in this office by 5 p.m. on Monday, April 28; none will be published after Saturday, May 3.


Climate hysteria

“As my career has progressed, I’ve seen much more creeping politicization of universities and science itself. While any evidence supporting the climate hysteria is getting weaker, the IPCC is ramping up the alarmism.” — professor Robert Carter, head of Earth sciences, Australia’s James Cook University

Leaked “Climate Gate” emails provided a detailed look at how the anti-science scheme to silence the truth has been operating. These emails showed corrupt scientists manipulating data to fit their desired results, keeping opponents out of peer-review journals and destroying studies that damaged their “cause.”

Harold Lewis — who served as chairman of the physics department at the University California — proclaimed, “The global warming scam, with literally trillions of dollars driving it, has corrupted many scientists. It is the largest pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life. Anyone who has the faintest doubt should read the Climate-Gate documents.”

Space and Science Research founder and president John Casey, a rocket scientist — a former White House space program adviser and climate researcher who was named “America’s best climate prediction expert” — says, “man-made global-warming theories are the greatest international scientific fraud ever perpetrated on the world’s citizens.”

This climate hysteria was constructed to trick people into being yoked with more energy costs, to enrich certain individuals and governments.

So, I was not surprised by the Gary Ardis [DRC, March 22] letter; he has also written letters “disparaging” the Second Amendment, voter integrity laws and pushed class hatred. No one shares you guys’ desire to Bolshevize America.

Eric Mach,