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Letters to the editor, April 28


The Denton Record-Chronicle welcomes letters to the editor pertaining to the May 10 city and school elections. Letters must follow all regular submission rules. Election letters must be received in this office by 5 p.m. on Monday, April 28; none will be published after Saturday, May 3.


Vote for Watts

I am a resident of Robson Ranch and, after considering the slate of mayoral candidates, I will be voting for Chris Watts for mayor.

During his time on City Council, Chris stood with our community as we tried to lessen the impact of the Inspiration master plan community to the east of Robson Ranch. Chris discovered the ordinance passed by the Planning and Zoning Commission did not meet the criteria for passage regarding infrastructure planning and payment. The ordinance was delayed until the required information was submitted.

Additionally, Chris was able to get Robson Ranch development to increase the setback on gas wells within the community even though the developer did not have to do so. He listened to our concerns and assisted in solving the issues to benefit all parties. His experience on council is invaluable.

Chris is the only candidate who has served on the Denton City Council, and this is vitally important because he knows city government. Therefore, he will have no learning curve as he assumes the office of mayor.

Let’s keep an experienced leader and friend of Robson Ranch working for Denton. Please vote for Chris Watts for mayor.

Peggy J. Crandell,



Shaake excellent choice

Dr. Jean Schaake has a distinguished record of community service throughout the years I have known her. My own contact has been primarily within the public schools and her terms on the Denton school board.

Dr. Schaake approached each situation with a thoroughness and a careful consideration of both sides.

She was open and honest with those involved in these issues. This same transparency will be an important factor in her approach to city governance.

Dr. Schaake is an excellent choice for mayor and the people of Denton will be well-served by voting for her.

Trudy Rodean,



Address issues

Mayoral candidate Schaake, will you be living in Denton full time or commuting like our present mayor and one of your opponents? It’s pretty difficult to recognize neglected streets (and other local) problems facing our residents when you’re mostly driving on Interstate 35E — in and out of town.

I’m also wondering if you would support a unanimous traffic safety commission ordinance to “ban electronic devices while driving” in Denton, or do you also believe that commissions and committees should “do the bidding” of the mayor and City Council?

Our present mayor and council voted to ignore this recommendation — by extending a worthless, unenforceable (deemed so by our police chief) no texting (only) ordinance, which totally overlooks the most deadly/dangerous aspect of cellphones — talking.

I also wish to ask you if you would even consider voting “no” to a huge tax-base project for Denton, like 33 (degrees) north (apartment complex), which is almost on the UNT campus (corner of Eagle and Bernard streets), even if it would be competition for you and your friends? I and many other residents would like to see these issues addressed during the campaign.

Gilmore Morris,



Watts best choice

I am writing in support of Chris Watts for mayor of Denton. Over the last six years, as a member of the City Council, Chris has been very effective in working with our Denia Area Community Group.

In the past, our neighborhood has faced many challenges. With Denton’s growth, there will continue to be friction and disputes.

Chris has always been fair in dealing with problems facing both commercial businesses and our residents. We need his type of strong leadership skills to help manage Denton today and in the future.

John Weber,



Schaake clear choice

If you compare the Denton leadership, Denton involvement and Denton service records of the three mayoral candidates, Jean Schaake is the clear choice to be the next mayor of our great city.

Jean is the only candidate with true leadership experience, and as mayor, that is what counts. Her 15 years on the Denton school board, with five years as president, is leadership. Her six years on the Planning and Zoning Commission, with two of those as chairwoman, is leadership. Jean’s seven years on the Greater Denton Arts Council, with two of those as president is leadership ... and there are numerous other examples.

Jean’s actual community involvement is unsurpassed by the other candidates. Member of Denton Chamber of Commerce, member of Citizens Advisory Committee for Denton 2030, member of Denton Area Council of PTAs ... to name a very few. Jean has actually lived in Denton for 40 years, and the donation of time, energy and concern for our town during that time makes her the choice for the next mayor of Denton.

I hope you’ll join me in voting for Jean Schaake for mayor.

Scott Campbell,



Schaake for mayor

For many years now, I have observed Jean Schaake working to make our community a better place to live.

Whether as president of the Denton school board of trustees, chairwoman of the Denton Planning and Zoning Commission, or as a volunteer for a number of nonprofit organizations, Jean has consistently demonstrated integrity and decisive leadership throughout.

Denton faces unique challenges in the next few years, and Jean’s work ethic and forthright leadership style are the characteristics that we need to help guide this great community forward.

Please join me in supporting Jean Schaake for mayor.

Sandra Robinson,