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Letters to the editor, April 29


The Denton Record-Chronicle welcomes letters to the editor pertaining to the May 10 city and school elections. Letters must follow all regular submission rules. Election letters must be received in this office by 5 p.m. on Monday, April 28; none will be published after Saturday, May 3.


Schaake for mayor

Jean Schaake is the leader we need to keep our city moving forward.

We’re pledging our support today.

Dolores and Don Vann,



Vote for Schaake

Denton voters: Before you cast your vote, I urge you to view the mayoral candidate videos at Note Jean Schaake’s definitive answers to questions vital to the city, her confidence in her beliefs, the leadership positions she has held in a broad range of civic affairs over almost 40 years.

Her straightforward responses reflect her unwavering interest in Denton, the city in which she resides by conscious choice not by fortuitous birth.

In letters to the editor, some have suggested we need a lawyer on the council. What we need is a thoughtful analyst of complicated issues. Jean’s Ph.D. in chemistry proves she has the intellectual muscle to wrestle with and to solve complex, difficult problems.

Jean Schaake has spent her after-work hours serving on the zoning committee, presiding over the school board as well as a myriad of civic affairs.

Her involvement is in depth and long range. She understands how the various pieces of the city services work to make a functioning whole.

Certainly, a candidate so dedicated to public service has demonstrated her commitment to the community. Her experience and wisdom will serve her well in managing the rapid growth facing Denton in the next few years.

Please, vote for Jean so she can successfully advance that future.

Shirley Gambrell,



Watts for mayor

Denton needs Chris Watts to be elected mayor for a multitude of practical reasons: his understanding of the budget challenges pushing up against our tax and utility rates; his advocating spending only within our means annually without drawing down reserve funds; his urgency in targeted economic development and business retention; his insistence on open, inclusive public process in governance; and his record of support for public safety, libraries, historical preservation and streets upkeep.

More so than the pragmatic reasons, Denton needs Chris for his independent inquiry and judgment, his genuine respect and welcoming of the everyday resident, his honesty, and foremost, his decency.

Please turn out and vote for Chris Watts; Denton needs him.

Joe Mulroy,



Schaake for mayor

I’m most happy to endorse Jean Schaake for mayor of Denton. The energy exhibited by Jean is extraordinary when she sets her mind to a task or challenge such as her service on multiple committees directed toward her service to Denton.

Jean Schaake has been a most visible and consistently involved resident of our community for more than 20 years.

During Jean’s involvement with the residents of Denton, you have been able to count on her forthright, honest and courageous decision-making leadership on the more important city of Denton boards.

Very quickly, fellow board members recognize Jean’s capacity for clear thinking and a decision-making ability resulting in her early election to chairwoman or president of many Denton committee boards.

Currently, Jean has been chairwoman of the Denton Planning and Zoning Commission since 2012, making hundreds of decisions regarding zoning matters being careful to listen to the concerns of affected neighbors and compliance with our zoning ordinances, which can be sometimes most difficult.

Jean served as chairwoman of the Denton Library Board, as Denton school board president and on many other city boards including those committees having to do with the development of our city.

You can bet Jean will work tirelessly (runs 3 miles most days) on our behalf including making tough decisions regarding fracking, tax district proposals, streets and city spending matters.

Please join us with your vote for Jean Schaake as mayor.

Phil and Diane Gallivan,



Schaake for mayor

Vote for Jean Schaake. Yes, vote for her both for what she can do for the city and also for what she won’t do.

Jean has reached a point in her life that favors us, the residents of Denton. She does not need to feather her nest with money or awards or seek accolades. She has reached a point where the only lasting benefit she can gain from becoming mayor is to leave a legacy to the city.

This is exactly the type of mayor the city needs. She is not a lawyer and she is not in real estate, both of which provide ample opportunities for financial gain obtained from a high political position.

Some of you may not have agreed with her decision to vote against the DATCU building in a largely residential area in south Denton. She sided with the people who would be affected.

Sooner or later something like this will happen in your area (a new big-box store, a new service station or some other large commercial structure).

When this happens, you want someone who has proven his or her ability to stand up for the residents who are most affected.

Vote for Jean Schaake for what she can do, what she has no interest in doing and (most importantly) what she has already done, and that is to stand up for the people most affected by a city action.

Bill Reed,



Schaake best candidate

I spent 28 years in business in Denton, served on several boards including the Denton City Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission.

It is terribly important to have someone who has proven his or her leadership ability in the mayor’s seat.

I feel Jean Schaake is the best candidate on the ballot by far.

Terrell King,



Vote for Salih

Hatice Salih is a candidate for City Council Place 5 in Denton’s next election. I have known Hatice quite a few years and it is clear that she is running for office out of a strong desire to help make Denton a better community for all residents.

Hatice and her husband, Dan, own a market here in Denton and often get an opportunity to listen to residents’ concerns.

This ability and willingness to listen confirms that Hatice is an exceptional candidate for City Council. Hatice has become very educated on city business and is not afraid to stand up for what is right.

Among the many issues that needs attention in Denton, Hatice favors a more open government, enhancing the health and safety of all residents by seeking a fracking ban within the city limits, seeking better stewardship over the city’s budget and debt obligations and working toward increased infrastructure improvements.

Hatice believes that government exists to serve the community and that resident involvement is key to improving the community.

As a resident, I believe our first opportunity for involvement is voting for Hatice Salih on election day.

Richard Bryson,



Schaake best choice

Jean Schaake is by far the best candidate for mayor. Her long history of outstanding public service and commitment to Denton is unequaled.

She is a collaborative leader and consensus builder who will consistently do the right thing to meet the needs of business, unprecedented growth and neighborhood communities while balancing support for needed improvements to aging utility and other infrastructures. We need Jean at the helm to ensure Denton’s future.

See for more information and vote Jean Schaake for mayor.

Dr. Joneel Harris,



Watts for mayor

Chris Watts has top-notch qualifications to be the next mayor of Denton, including six years experience on the City Council, self-made successful business background, independence from potential conflicts of interest, community/nonprofit service and self-funded degrees from UNT and Texas A&M School of Law.

He and his family have deep Denton roots. Chris grew up here, went to Denton schools and built his business here. While still a student, Chris had to work to help his family make ends meet.

He knows the value of dollars earned and taxes paid.

Equally important, Chris genuinely likes people. He encourages the engagement of citizens in city government. He solicits and listens to residents’ input, respecting all opinions.

His record on the City Council reflects Chris’ ability to bring together diverse opinions and satisfactorily resolve issues. His service to District 4 demonstrates his accessibility to constituents, personally responding to all input, calls and correspondence.

Chris has shown his priority for transparency in government, believing that the voters know best about their needs.

He is careful about the expenditure of taxpayer dollars and believes that the tax burden must be mitigated for voters by changing the anti-business perception.

Now is the time to make significant changes in the direction of city government through increased citizen participation. Vote for Chris Watts to restore trust and transparency.

Bob and Bette Sherman,



Taxpayer for Salih

This year, like last, I do not get to vote in the city of Denton election because I don’t live there, but I pay your taxes — 13 percent above my taxable income, line 43, Form 1040.

That’s right, my Denton County and city taxes ran 13 percent above my taxable income and I still don’t get to vote.

Talk about a tea party, I would love to throw every one of your incumbents into the bay who wastes my money on frills and bubbly-up bonds.

If I could, I would vote for Hatice I. Salih as she is one of the few who demonstrate any fiscal and civic responsibility.

John T. Thorngren,

Shady Shores


Vote for McBroom

As a concerned citizen, I urge all eligible voters in the Aubrey Independent School District to vote for Jackie McBroom in the upcoming school board election.

I have known Jackie for more than 28 years and I assure you, he is the most qualified and experienced candidate for the Place 7 seat on the Aubrey school board.

Jackie has served more than 30 years in the educational field as an educator and as an assistant superintendent for educational services. He previously served nine years on the Aubrey school board before stepping down in 2011.

He is now retired and would like to continue to be a part of the school process of helping students and teachers.

Please vote for education by voting for Jackie McBroom.

Nancy Hellman,