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Letters to the editor, May 1


The Denton Record-Chronicle welcomes letters to the editor pertaining to the May 10 city and school elections. Letters must follow all regular submission rules. Election letters must have been received in this office by 5 p.m. on Monday, April 28; none will be published after Saturday, May 3.


Only in America

With voting day drawing near, the excellent letter from Mr. Cox [DRC, March 30] about the need to carefully vet candidates is being implemented by many fine letters printed daily. On the statewide scene, perhaps UNT can arrange a debate in Denton by the candidates for governor.

Only in America do so many millions vote by secret ballot, without fear, in elections that are basically honest. (Years back one famous Texas politician did barely win his federal seat by a few fraudulent votes in Duval County.)

Frankly, all the ballyhoo against/for voter ID is a coin toss to me. At any rate, let’s just leave enforcement up to the states under the 10th in state elections, and “move forward” (ugh). The late Sen. Bentsen once said that in Texas, politics is a “body contact sport.”

H.L. Hall,



Watts for mayor

Running a city is not for amateurs. It is a highly complex, multimillion dollar enterprise: Our elected officials must understand complicated issues and balance the interests of a wide range of residents.

Chris Watts served admirably from 2007-2013 on the Denton City Council and had a reputation for being a diligent and independent public servant, who listened to and addressed the concerns of his constituents.

Effective mayors come to the job with years of experience serving on the council.

Not only does this experience provide essential preparation for leading our growing and dynamic city, but it also offers an added benefit during a campaign, because voters want to see what a candidate has actually done and accomplished while in elected office, not hear what he or she might do or intends to do. Chris Watts has an excellent record.

Denton needs a mayor who is thoroughly prepared to start working on day one and a mayor we can trust to make decisions based on comprehensive research, resident input and thoughtful analyses. Mr. Watts will be such a mayor. A six-year Denton city councilman, Chris Watts is uniquely qualified to serve as mayor at a time when this multimillion dollar enterprise needs his experience, expertise and diligence.

Therefore, Chris Watts has earned my vote for mayor.

Sandy Mattox,



Vote for Watts

The city of Denton would be well-served if its next mayor was Chris Watts. Chris is very familiar with Denton, having grown up here. He is very familiar with city code being both an attorney and a businessman in Denton.

He is experienced in city government, having served on the City Council for six years. He is focused and energetic, and is the candidate who can best serve Denton in the upcoming years of rapid growth.

Betty Ann Erickson,



Watts for mayor

It is my pleasure to recommend Chris Watts for mayor of Denton.

During his time on the council representing District 4, Chris was most attentive to the residents in his district and helped solve problems they brought to his attention. He was available and accessible to his constituents.

When the city manager sought to eliminate citizen advisory boards in Denton, Chris Watts was the major source of support for maintaining the structured citizen input that has served the city so well for decades.

He is an independent thinker who examines the issues and is not afraid to argue and vote contrary to the majority when he thinks it is important to do so.

These traits make a good leader and will work to our advantage in the operating of the Denton city government.

Don W. Smith,



Watts best choice

This is not a letter about Chris Watts’ history and many accomplishments representing two Denton districts for three years each; it’s about who the man is.

After Mr. Watts became our councilman, we personally met with him a number of times and he has come to our neighborhood often to talk to all of us about issues that concern us.

He listens to your concerns, asks compelling questions, vets any of those issues brought to council and consistently comes up with solutions. Once he supports an issue, he stands behind that decision and follows through even if in the minority on the council.

Chris Watts has lived in Denton all his life, worked his way through UNT and law school, and then left a salaried job to start his own successful business. That has allowed him to volunteer and be elected councilman for two districts, three years each, and to give back to your community. His proven leadership means it’s time for us to elect him as our mayor.

A vote for Chris Watts for mayor would be a vote for open communication by council, supporting residents coming to the council to express their opinions and concerns, attracting new tax-producing economic development and jobs, and preserving the culture that makes Denton, his hometown and ours, unique. He is known for his honesty and integrity, and loves and cares about his hometown, Denton, and its people and their future.

Vote early and show your support.

Bruce Walker,



Schaake for mayor

Is your vision of Denton’s future a vibrant city that supports economic development and where people want to live, work and play? If so, a vote for Jean Schaake for mayor will positively support that vision.

Jean’s long-term commitment to Denton public service and her effective leadership on the DISD board and Planning and Zoning Commission have established a track record that makes Jean an outstanding candidate for mayor.

Jean understands the complex issues and challenges that, as Denton’s mayor, she must deal with now for us to prepare for the expected growth we will experience by 2030.

Demonstrated leadership ability, relentless energy and building consensus are just some of Jean’s trademarks that will positively lead us forward. I hope you carefully consider your alternatives and vote Jean Schaake for mayor.

Richard A. Harris Jr.,