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Letters to the editor, May 3


The Denton Record-Chronicle welcomes letters to the editor pertaining to the May 10 city and school elections. Letters must follow all submission rules. Election letters must have been received in this office by 5 p.m. on Monday, April 28; none will be published after Saturday, May 3.

Vote for Watts

Please join me and vote for change in Denton. We need a mayor who can hit the ground running to change the view of business developers that Denton is unfriendly to business. Chris has been on the City Council and will not have to spend weeks or months learning how to get things moving around City Hall.

He has shown that he is willing to take a stand and vote for the good of Denton as a whole and not just a small group. He does his homework and asks questions so that he has all possible information before making up his mind.

His willingness to listen and learn will help him be a great mayor helping Denton navigate the coming growth. I learned in my 20-plus years as a Denton ISD administrator that these qualities are vital to creating a thriving organization. Please join me in voting for Chris Watts for mayor.

Mike Vance, Denton

Sorry, post oak

Bubba called. Said the native gardens area in Denia Park is spectacular this year. Glad to see those Indian paintbrush seeds did so well. Now, let’s get some Texas bluebonnets started.

I thanked Bubba for his remarks but what he said next nearly made me cry. Bubba wanted to know who was responsible for the excessive trimming of the post oak trees around Denia Park.

When I told him it was the parks department arborist and a contract tree crew, his remark was they sure didn’t know what they were doing and knew even less about post oaks.

Bubba said he thought I had been promised by the parks manager that those trees would never be trimmed. I said that was the promise made to me and you can imagine my shock when early one morning I saw each of these lovely post oaks surrounded by piles of their branches. I have the pictures to prove it, as well.

Two letters to the director of parks and recreation have brought no response. Crickets. Maybe the new City Council will bring an improvement on similar situations. Not that any of this will heal those old post oaks.

Bubba said he was appalled that those in charge of such noble post oaks would have no better understanding of how to care for this particular native tree. One of those oaks has to be 150-plus years old.

I just hug that old tree from time to time and say, “Sorry.”

Alice Gore, Denton