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Letters to the editor, May 4

Mysterious fortunes

When not reading about the fascist/socialist abomination of trying to create a better U.S. health care system [DRC, April 11], we are getting summaries of the pseudoscience of the climate change deniers [DRC, April 14].

I would just like to point out that anyone with access to a computer can Google the experts mentioned by Mr. Mach — from geologist/paleontologist Robert Carter to physicist Harold Lewis to one-time White House adviser John L. Casey — to make their own assessment of their contributions to fighting: “This climate hysteria ... constructed to trick people into being yoked with more energy costs, to enrich certain individuals and governments.”

I have been very curious what huge sums of money are being made by the individuals and governments warning of climate warming. I am fully aware that the gas/oil industries are not enthusiastic supporters of controlling carbon emissions, and that is understandable, and perhaps it is they who support John Casey’s for-profit Space and Science Research Center.

Mysterious to me is what fortunes lie in fighting greenhouse gases and trying to prevent the world from being covered in waste plastic.

If the climate-warming deniers are correct, I see no harm in cutting back on the voracious use of nonrenewable fossil fuels and petroleum-based products. If the global warming is even partly due to humans, it would seem to be sheer insanity to ignore the warnings.

Now it is really a great advantage to be old; I am very glad to be on my way out than on my way in.

Elinor Johansen,