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Letters to the editor, May 6

Smear campaign

Is President Obama stealing power as the tea party charges, or is it a plot that by naming our president as such, the tea party hopes to sink the Democratic ship of state before Hillary takes the helm?

There have been 47 failed votes to stop the Affordable Care Act. I repeat, 47 failed votes to repeal the ACA, including one that shut down the government and cost the taxpayers $24 billion. This from a group of political hypocrites that brands the Obama administration as spending more than government takes in.

The tea party and its mouthpieces, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck, are calling the president’s right to executive privilege a breach of the Constitution.

He used the policy to correct parts of the ACA that makes them better for all of the people who will benefit from this landmark legislation.

Will “the do-nothing Congress,” making fools of its members and those who voted for them by being defeated 47 times attempting to appeal the ACA, do anything to improve a policy that provides insurance to 7.5 million Americans, many of whom have never had insurance?

He had to use executive privilege to groom the ACA to the point it is workable for all Americans.

The tea party knows there is no illegality involved in the executive privilege charges. If they smear him though Fox Republican-controlled media and repeat their lies long enough, they hope people will believe them.

Why don’t they take lawful action? They don’t have a legal leg to stand on.

John Nance Garner,