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Letters to the editor, May 16

Unanswered questions

The newly proposed plan for grading in the Denton school district appears to be narrowly drawn, without input from the larger community of shareholders, among whom are some very capable and smart people. Thus, it appears that it was created by a small group of people with a particular ax to grind who purposely or unintentionally considered such input to be unimportant.

This is further corroborated by the preliminary survey assessing the support for such a basic and wide-ranging plan of change. That survey was drawn with an obvious bias toward eliciting answers in support of the proposed changes rather than in receiving accurate and true feedback.

Questions left unanswered include:

How will students in grades sixth to 12th adapt to a totally new system?

How will students in the new system interface with college and work-world realities based on behavior, performance, deadlines and accountability?

How will students who lag behind in courses requiring cumulative mastery ever catch up?

How will the obvious need for many additional teachers to implement this program be funded, and how will they be trained beyond inadequate in-service training days?

With issues of poor behavior, failure to follow a prescribed process in completing work, lack of neatness of work and overall issues of successful or unsuccessful socialization being eliminated from the grading of course content, how will these very important areas be addressed so our students will be at least minimally effective in society?

Where is the documentation of supporting research alluded to by the board?

John Zeigler,