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Letters to the editor, May 21

Volunteering brings rewards

Denton is a wonderful place to live. No matter what you enjoy doing there are others here who share your interests. None of these groups sprung up out of a void.

Because I am familiar with the arts group, I shall use them as an example of what is probably true of others.

Once upon a time the Greater Denton Arts Council, The Arts Guild or Denton Arts & Jazz Festival did not exist. A few individuals saw a need, met and made plans to start work. Slowly, from very small beginnings, these organizations grew and their contributions gained notice. It took decades of work.

Now most of the founders have moved away, become ill or died. If their work is to survive, others must continue what was started.

I would encourage newcomers to Denton, recently retired individuals or young people to find the place where you can help. Volunteering brings more rewards than you can imagine.

Georgia Gough,