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Letters to the editor, May 22

A letter of thanks

I want to thank all Denton ISD and University of North Texas volunteers who help make our annual fifth-grade track meet a success.

Thank you to all elementary school PE teachers/sponsors who teach and organize fifth-grade track with encouragement from Kathy Knight from Woodrow Wilson.

Thank you to Carl Sheffield, head track and field coach at UNT, for allowing his staff, athletes and facilities to be used.

Finally, thank you to Jayme Kiraly for computer generating and tabulating the pre-race and race heat sheets and results.

Dan Proctor,

Denton Sports and Physical Therapy,



Carcass serves as reminder

I had an interesting experience a while back. I was on Jim Christal Road about a quarter mile east of FM156 when I saw a dead deer in the south ditch.

I went on in to Denton and on the way back I stopped to check that deer. It was one of those 25-degree mornings. The carcass was completely chilled out so I knew the meat would be good to process and eat, as I have done this with many deer before.

I didn’t know what the law was down here in Texas so I called a game warden. He said I could not have the deer. I asked if it would be left for the buzzards. His replay was that coyotes and buzzards had to eat, too.

I would like to see that law changed. Each time I drive by and see where the coyotes left that carcass, I am reminded that here in Texas I am third on the food chain behind coyotes and buzzards.

J.P. Dewell,