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Letters to the editor, May 23

A call of warning

Cousin Gomer called and said the Denton City Council failed to listen to the urging of residents to prohibit the use of cellphones while driving on May 1.

“Ern,” Gomer calls me, “it’s a proven fact that talking on cellphones while driving causes accidents.”

Gomer went on to explain the meaning of TWYD. You have to “Think While You Drive.” It is physically impossible to think about two different things at the same time. “Ern, Aunt IdeaBell said hi and to watch out for street cars.”

Tillman E. Uland,



Dear FOB (Friends of Bob)

To each of you, please accept this as a personal note of thanks for honoring Bob (Rogers) at the dedication of his star at the Campus Theater on Wednesday, May 14. It was a wonderful day filled with warm memories and lots of love.

To those unable to attend, I thank you for your expressions of appreciation for the time you spent with Bob.

Special thanks to Lucinda Breeding for all the great articles written through the years about Bob and to the Denton Record-Chronicle for supporting the arts in all of Denton County.

Special thanks to Mike Barrow and his crew at the theater; what a lovely day they provided.

To all who contributed to the fund for the beautiful star, my heartfelt thanks. Extra special thanks to my dear Peggy Capps. Every detail of the celebration was perfection under her planning and effort.

As Bob often said with his music, “I wish you love” and in the words of his signature song, “thanks for you.” When Bob told you that he loved you, he meant it. I say you have my love and I mean it.

Daisy Rogers,