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Letters to the editor, May 24

Chicken Little’s climate hysteria

After four letters to the DRC, the leftist provided zero evidence for their climate scaremongering; but instead used communist Saul Alinsky-type insults.

They did not provide any evidence to back their idea of global warming because their predictions have failed to come true. Frauds predicted that by 2013 the Arctic ice would all be melted; it has grown tremendously. After two decades of Al Gore’s ridiculous predictions, the only thing that has increased is the millions in his bank account.

Harold Lewis — who served as chairman of the physics department at the University California — proclaimed, “The global warming scam, with literally trillions of dollars driving it, has corrupted many scientists. It is the largest pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life. Anyone who has the faintest doubt should read the Climate-Gate documents.”

The fact is, powerful global interests seek more government grants, industrial subsidies and carbon credits; all paid by more taxes. And the left’s useful idiots just parrot these fallacies.

After years of bogus predictions, “climate change nearly scrapes the bottom of the list.” — Real Clear Politics

Climate hysteria was constructed to try to scare people into being yoked with more energy costs.

These Marxists really do not care about facts, they create excuses to take the people’s property.

People are tired of the “chicken little’s” climate hysteria.

“These outrageous lies get repeated and people who will not check the facts get drawn into a world of ignorance.” — Gary Ardis, DRC, March 22

Eric Mach, Denton