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Letters to the editor, May 25

Time to make demands

Most on the left ignore the failures and misdeeds of the Obama administration and blame any criticism of it on racism.

So we need to salute John Nance Garner for his honesty in saying that “There were four people killed in Benghazi; there were mistakes, and lies were told” (Letters, April 15). But then he repeats the tired old excuse that Bush lied, too.

We can argue about whether there’s a difference between “lies” and honest “mistakes,” whether Bush was lying or was honestly mistaken and whether the sacrifices helped our country.

But Bush is yesterday’s news. His “mistakes” or “lies” and all lasting harm they did can’t be repeated.

Hurting us now are the ongoing “mistakes,” failures, “lies,” lawlessness, coverups, and stonewalling of the Obama administration, like those about payoffs to cronies (Solyndra, holding up the Keystone Pipeline); Obamacare (“If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”); Benghazi (A video did it.); the IRS targeting the president’s political opponents; not carrying out “faithfully” all laws, as the Constitution requires; “flexibility” with invader Putin, butcher Assad and A-bomb-building Iranian fanatics.

How much more harm will they and those to come do over the next three years?

We American have a right to demand an end to destructive “mistakes,” “lies,” coverups, stonewalling and lawlessness.

Let’s demand rule of law, which includes legislatively changing laws if needed, not ignoring them. Let’s demand the openness President Obama promised us. Let’s demand honesty. Let’s demand truth.

Lee Nahrgang,