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Letters to the editor, May 27

Jesus didn’t wear a seat belt

Opposed to the “click it or ticket” mandatory seat belt law are myself, Walter Williams, the Texas Legislature, Thomas Jefferson, Herbert Spencer and Jesus! In favor are our nanny-state big government, police, the courts and apparently some jurors.

A friend told me how his tow truck pulled a car from a creek with two persons dead and still belted in, their claw marks on the dashboard, and I think a local couple died still belted in when their vehicle burned after it was struck from behind. You make it easy for a carjacker if you’re belted in, also. A local town marshal advised another friend’s wife to not use her belt. I say use a belt if you speed a lot, as police do. If you drive slowly, maybe don’t. Heavily tinted windows will help your privacy.

Nothing in any constitution authorizes such a law, and our spineless legislature grudgingly set the fine at $15, then at $50, apparently to keep receiving federal highway funds. It’s a moneymaker for government, except that I recently made courts spend thousands of dollars for two jury trials and an appeal, over one $50 fine. I encourage others to do the same, if they believe in constitutional liberty. A full jury trial costs little more than just paying the ticket!

Jurors were unfazed by what I thought Jefferson, Spencer and Jesus would say about the seat belt law, and a JP muzzled me. ...

Ross Melton Jr.,