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Letters to the editor, May 31

New light to lives

Entertainment is universal, influential, timeless. That being said, everyone should have access to it — not only those who are physically and mentally able, but those who need assistance each day to perform the basic tasks that able people take for granted.

Elderly, sick and senior patrons in hospitals and homes throughout the nation are being neglected. There is no doubt that the initiation of art in its many forms into these people’s lives would not only reinvigorate them but add a new light to their lives.

Be it music, dance, film, etc., I’ve seen the way neglected souls react to artistic stimulation.

It was just a few months ago when the story of Henry, an unresponsive, senile elderly man was told. Dan Cohen, director of the Alive Inside documentary, showed Henry come to life when stimulated with music from his past. Not only did he respond to those around him but he sang along to the songs being played.

Together, we can bring an entirely different generation of people to life — through art. We will show them: You are not forgotten.

Madison Russell, Lewisville