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Letters to the editor, June 2

Love of family

Recently the former governor of Florida was roundly criticized for stating a simple fact concerning illegal migration across our southern border, e.g. that some crossers do it for the love of their families.

Having been raised on the border, I know this to be true.

However, this fact does not solve the problem of illegal entry of foreign citizens into our country, which now has the world’s third (some say second) largest population. Our immigration quotas must be reduced, particularly from eastern countries.

Like most citizens, I believe in the rule of law. However I do not like to see hardworking, law-abiding, middle-aged family men, with family and usually Catholic values, with no criminal record, lumped together with felons or directionless vagabonds.

The Florida governor is right and I believe this group deserves some leniency. It will be interesting to see how the new lieutenant governor fixes the border.

H.L. Hall,