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Letters to the editor, June 4

Numbers tell all

Wonder why we hear less from Fox Fantasy entertainment, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and the rest of the hate-filled right-wing radio commentators about a slow but steady raise in the nation’s economy?

Why — when a month ago every form of Republican, in any kind of media that would tolerate them, cast verbal bombs against the Affordable Care Act — suddenly go as silent as the Sphinx?

The reason is the numbers; the Affordable Care Act numerically after they passed the 8 million enrollment mark can no longer be called a failure.

President Obama doesn’t have to proclaim it a success, the Democratic National Committee doesn’t have to pronounce it a success and the everyday Democrat on the street doesn’t have to state publicly that it is a success, because the numbers triumph the victory for the Affordable Care Act.

The same situation applies to the growing national economy. It is not a runaway achievement but it has sustained a slow growth that has freed us of the Bush-Republican-caused recession.

The only thing left for the right is to scream to the high heavens about a situation that numbers can’t prove them wrong.

Any email that has the name Benghazi used in a matter that can’t be accounted for, is now held up to the public, desperately hoping to convince them of Democratic wrongdoing, and even more so anything to tar Hillary Clinton.

Sounds like Obama’s birth certificate and White Water all over again, doesn’t it?

John Nance Garner,