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Letters to the editor, June 13

Invisible policy makers

It’s interesting a developer can be elected as Denton mayor after developers like Don Huffines left us with more debt than we will ever be able to repay.

Developers are like invisible policy makers who don’t even need our approval or inform us prior to development in some cases.

Evidence is the quagmire on Loop 288. Does it look like Denton officials and developers discussed potential traffic problems before Savannah and Providence on U.S. Highway 380 East or Corinth’s new homes were built? Where are the 10-year impact and resource studies?

Other reasons property tax increased was stated in the latest financial audit report and is directly related to county employees’ liabilities. Make no mistake, government employees have it better than they ever have.

The strong North Texas economy masks the fact that Dentonites and their county are heavily leveraged in debt and we know a major part of that county debt was caused by helping private developers with infrastructures and utilities. Hundreds of millions in municipal bonds with county taxpayers backing each dollar.

Yes, hundreds of millions of dollars is how much developers and our county officials have put us on the hook for and we will be paying for this many years to come.

In my opinion and until he proves otherwise, making Watts, a “lawyer/developer,” mayor of Denton (or any city) is like having a fox guard the hen house.

Can developers make it rain, too, or will they simply collect their profits and create tax and resource nightmares elsewhere?

Jim Lott,