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Letters to the editor, June 16

Blowing smoke

During Memorial Day weekend, the president visited Afghanistan.

There was the obligatory photo-op speech where it was intoned — “If you want to get the job done, hire a vet.” Yet, was a veteran named as the new Housing and Urban Development secretary?

Wouldn’t it be nice if some jobs could get done right? How many high offices in the administration are filled by vets? Much smoke was blown, e.g.: “We will take care of our wounded warriors. We are going to take care of you and your families.”

Yet, we read and hear of cuts in military pay, of longer tours, of closings of post exchange facilities, of increased insurance and health care costs for families. There are innumerable reports of veterans dying while waiting for VA care.

Is this respect and appreciation of our veterans dating back to World War II? Those fighting this very day — sustaining serious injuries and some even making the ultimate sacrifice — in a country most of us cannot find on a map?

Is it — “Do as I say, not as I do?”

Larry Jambor,