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Letters to the editor, June 17

Root of the violence

Recently on the national news they interviewed a mother with a group of children who turned themselves into the Texas Border Patrol. They said they were running from drug violence in their country.

I can understand a mother taking any risk to protect her children and believe her reason.

Aren’t we largely to blame? We buy most of the drugs that are the root of the violence (not only there but in our own cities). How is this different from the Chinese who are funding the eventual eradication of elephants in the wild because they buy ivory?

One kills people and one kills elephants but both are caused by a rich country demanding the product. One is ivory and the other is drugs.

Until we decide that our decades-old war on drugs has been a colossal failure and remove the financial incentives, we will continue to arrest mothers doing everything they can to protect their children while we snort an expensive line or buy a joint and condemn her and her children simply for trying to survive.

Bill Reed,