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Letters to the editor, June 30

Sure thing

Now that the City Council has (unanimously) voted to go ahead with the convention center, I think the council should name it after the current mayor. When, some years from now, we find this convention center (like the vast majority of them) does not make money but costs the individual taxpayers, we will have forgotten who caused the problem in the first place.

Naming the center after the current mayor will keep the person responsible in our memory. If it is a success (as they claim it will be), this will be a good way to memorialize a wise decision-maker. If it fails, it will be a good way to place the blame exactly where it should be.

Agreement (or disagreement) to this proposal may signal how certain the City Council is of actual success.

It is fun to spend other people’s money as long as you are never held accountable for any failures. Successes you can crow about at will; for failures, all you have to do is keep silent and nobody will remember you.

Naming the convention center after the current mayor will reward the person responsible regardless of the outcome. How can anybody argue against a sure thing?

Bill Reed,