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Letters to the editor, July 8

Dangerous game

It was with growing concern that I read the article about the June 24 school board meeting. I was interested in the outcome of the convention center discussion and felt that the conversation was thoughtful and appropriate.

However, as I continued reading, next year’s fiscal budget was discussed. While I understand the needs of a growing district, I know that this district has been “growing” for more than three years.

What concerns me is that this is the third straight year that a budget has been crafted with a deficit. Perhaps this trend began because the first deficit projection did not materialize. The next year the shortfall was decreased by half.

What’s troubling is that the deficits continue to increase in size. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I sincerely hope that this dangerous game comes to a halt.

I really wouldn’t want this district to suffer what it had to suffer when the state cut funding and the staff spent the entire school year trying to teach and run schools while in fear of losing their jobs.

Bad morale is bad for learning.

Hopefully, next year’s budget will be balanced. The state is required to do that; perhaps the Denton school district should also consider that as a goal.

Danna Zoltner,