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Letters to the editor, July 9

Heavy lifting

A U.S. ambassador told me recently that a possible solution might be to subdivide the country of Iraq into thirds — Turkistan, Sunni and Shia — with independent governments, under U.N. mandate and with U.N. flag troops to maintain the peace for a period (wishful thinking?).

Should the U.S. apologize for the war/U.S. troops that brought down Saddam and the Ba’ath/Sunni party? Certainly not; it was sanctioned by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and many others.

The danger posed by Saddam (and his large, Russia-supplied army) of invasion of smaller countries and the threat to the West’s oil supply were real.

Of course, as usual, we did the heavy lifting at great expense for which we should start asking restitution from Western countries.

Then is then and now is now. Like ’Nam, many are asking, “Just what did we get out of that darned war?”

Perhaps more than we realize.

Iran is now at the bargaining table, foreign leaders know that we still carry a very big stick and we have made great technological progress in fighting terrorists on foreign soil.

H.L. Hall, Denton