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Letters to the editor, July 11

Blame game

Some people don’t have a clue of reality. Most of these tea-drinking conservatives are a perfect example. They want to blame the liberals for all of the world’s problems.

Evidently, they don’t realize that most of the world is ruled by conservative governments, just as it, mostly, is here in the U.S. These conservatives refuse to accept any responsibility for any situation or failure. They always play the blame game by pointing their fingers at someone else.

I have never heard them brag about one single accomplishment. All that comes out of their mouths is criticism and more criticism.

They seem to want freedom and liberty only for those who agree with them. They use the Bible and false truth to support their views. It seems the conservatives and the Taliban could have dedicated their lives to something of value rather than trying to suppress the lives of others.

Maybe it’s the truth they can’t abide when looking in the mirror.

John Thompson, Denton