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Letters to the editor, July 12

Convention center costs

David Zoltner [DRC, July 3] does not seem to understand the current situation with the convention center. He believes there are still some “exit ramps” that could be taken.

Everything is run for the people running it. (Why does a CEO of a failing company he professes to love, still take home $10 million a year until the till is empty?)

David appears to think the city fathers might change their mind. They won’t. They want a convention center and they have the power to have one (at your expense, of course).

In my mind, the only hope of canceling the (almost sure) losing project is the slim possibility the Denton school district will not participate. I am sure school district officials have considered the potential cannon fodder they have handed any future opponents (for the next 30 years) when they float a new school bond.

The banners will read “DISD wants your money on one hand then gives it to the city of Denton to pay off a failed convention center. Just say ‘no’ to the school bond.”

I agree with David; the convention center is a bad idea, but it is a done deal.

I also support the schools. They will need bond money but they are about to suffer a self-inflicted wound they will not be able to heal for 30 years.

It will cost them, it will cost us and (more importantly) it will cost the children of Denton, who have no say in creating the problem in the first place.

Bill Reed, Denton