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Letters to the editor, July 14

Never has, never will

Has anyone noticed the people around town collecting signatures in favor of fracking in Denton? Did you know they are being paid $2 per signature by the gas industry?

One elderly gentleman at the farmers market told my friend that he had signed and then finally got to read the petition, after which time he removed his signature.

Another friend met a petition worker in a Kroger parking lot. He wanted to read the petition, but the worker wouldn’t let him, and then refused to answer any questions. The store manager asked the workers to leave the parking lot, saying it was the second time she had done so. They drove off in a car with Colorado plates.

Is this enough to convince the people of Denton that this petition does not have Denton’s best interest in mind?

It is a clear backlash against the efforts of good people who are trying to clean up the pollution and dirty politics of the gas industry here in Denton, people who actually care about our small city, our children’s health, our future.

The gas companies are doing everything they can to keep their rights to our lands so they can come in, foul up our environment, get rich and ditch town.

Don’t believe what you read about gas money benefitting Denton. It never has and it never will.

Shelly Eshbaugh-Soha,