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Letters to the editor, July 15

For a drill-free Denton

We all know the importance of the oil industry in Texas and the U.S. as a whole. That the chairman of the Railroad Commission puts the economic success of the industry above the safety and health of our citizenry is an abysmal sign of concern for his constituents.

We have no issue with drilling. We understand we sit on top of the Barnett Shale. That is a very large area and there are many sites available for drilling that could likely provide successful drilling without intruding on the higher-density housing areas of our city. There are documented risks and health issues associated with proximity to drill and fracking areas.

We support the ban on hydraulic fracturing within city limits. We hope Mayor Watts and members of the City Council will have the courage to support and implement the plan for the city of Denton to be a drill-free area.

Diane and Oscar Garcia,