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Letters to the editor, July 18

Constitutional criticism

Mr. Melton has reopened the incredibly inane discussion of whether or not Jefferson, Spencer or Jesus would approve of or use seat belts [DRC, July 5].

There is mention of all sorts of instances, such as health care, speed limits, etc. not included in the Texas Constitution. I suppose this is the new and reworked Texas Constitution?

I had the impression there was little not included in the old Texas Constitution.

Many years ago, and very young, I was working in a research museum in the north of Norway and found myself held responsible for the awfulness of the Texas Constitution.

I had no idea what those people were talking about; I had yet to take my Texas government class at UT. I was informed by all the scientists that our Texas Constitution was known worldwide as the best example of how not to write one.

At the time, I figured that was an exaggeration. Later, after finishing college and moving to Denton (1964), I found myself voting on a state constitutional amendment that would allow an elderly couple in Tarrant County to keep their goat.

I voted for the goat.

Elinor Johansen,