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Letters to the editor, July 19

Loud music

I moved to Denton in 1975 and have not missed even one of the Fourth of July fireworks celebrations.

My late husband was dying of cancer last year so we sat in the hospital parking lot, but we still got to see them.

This year I wanted to see the new stadium of my alma mater (’81) so a friend went with me. I paid the $5 fee for parking on the stadium hill and gave them $15 more as a donation.

She picked a seat on the shady west side, we purchased some food and drinks and let the show begin.

There was a nice breeze, not too hot at all; however, the speeches were garbled and the music was deafening — we held our ears as did many others.

The volume was harmful to everyone’s ears as they will see as they get older and hearing loss accumulates.

Even the beautiful fireworks were overshadowed by extremely loud music. They were not even in synch as the programs had been in past years; it was just a mess.

We will never go there again unless we hear it has improved.

Barbara C. Holladay-Vernon, Denton