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Letters to the editor, July 22

Look at existing needs

It seems here lately the convention center debate is heating up as the city of Denton is pushing for the plan to move forward.

I welcome fresh ideas and tourism to Denton County and would love to see new events come to Denton and the county itself; however, we need to look at a side that seems to be overlooked: infrastructure.

In order to continue to support the growth of cities and people, we need to invest in the basic things that we take for granted every day. Some of those include our roads and water supplies.

If we invest to upgrade and maintain our existing infrastructure, then several years down the road it won’t become a crisis like the water situation in Wichita Falls.

I would like to recommend to the City Council to take a look at existing needs and projects before taking on more tasks and debt.

My mother used to tell me: “Finish one coloring book at a time, before you start on the new one.” Does this not apply in reality to us? Should we not finish what we started before we take on new tasks?

You be the judge.

Tyler Nicholson,