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Letters to the editor, July 31

Work of fiction

Once upon a time there was this, uh, fiction writer. He would have to be classified as a fiction writer because his works are short on fact and long on conservative rhetoric.

Our fiction writer takes notice of the Republican House, which has passed less legislation than any Congress in history.

The reason? Members haven’t been able to defeat President Obama in two straight elections.

Republicans do have brains. If only they would use them to benefit everyone instead of just the rich and powerful, but such is the nature of the Grand Oil Party.

Republicans in Congress will not pass legislation that will help you because it would make President Obama look good and they would to a man drink arsenic rather than have that happen.

Our fiction writer, backing the do-nothing Congress, insinuates that “the land of the free has become the land of the slaves.” Of course, it is the fault of what he calls “the leftist wolf”; he also claims that “millions have lost doctors and insurance they liked. A fiction writer can skip actual numbers and pull some made for fear and hate consumption out of the air.

He claims “millions wanted to leave, but the leftist wolf remembered one of his best inventions, the Berlin Wall, so he built a wall around the land.”

Last I heard, we were trying to keep people out. When you fictionalize, you don’t call um as you see um, you call um as you want um to be.

John Nance Garner,