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Letters to the editor, Aug. 1

Hyperbolic balderdash

The failure of a Denton City Council majority to ban fracking within city limits now throws this issue into the November elections. While this may be popular with individual-rights activists, it ignores the basic premise of our republican form of government.

We choose representatives to make those calls for us because they are supposed to be more informed about the details.

I can understand government representatives giving citizens the right to vote on a critical issue too close to call in terms of what the people really want. But the fracking ban where nearly 2,000 registered voters sent a clear signal to their elected officials illustrated how popular this choice was with their constituents.

Most fracking ban advocates are not opposed to extracting gas and oil to fuel our homes, cars and businesses. But we’re not fools, and the alleged safety record of fracking has been aptly challenged in multiple studies.

The vast stretch of these shale oils across this state and throughout this nation lie in many areas where population is sparse. To insist that these loud and hazardous wells also be built in densely populated areas is simply not justified.

Claims by the industry and some property owners suggesting opposition to fracking bans near homes, park and schools is “anti-capitalists” or un-American is hyperbolic balderdash and disregards the rights of thousands to live in secure, healthy environments over a handful who but for financial gain from fracking would themselves oppose such risks for their own families.

Larry Beck,