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Letters to the editor, Aug. 2

The residents have spoken

The editorial writer thinks that because there were so few comment cards and speeches against the ordinance to ban hydraulic fracturing in Denton, and so many for it, that the City Council was correct to place the issue on the ballot in November so that all of those absentee voices opposing the ban will get a fair shake at the polls.

A 73 percent majority of those who spoke at the public hearing favored passage of the ban. If you single out Denton residents who spoke for the ban, that percentage rises to 85 percent.

Of the 84 people who were opposed to the ban either in speeches or comment cards, only 56 percent of them lived in Denton.

Of the 226 folks who voiced support for the ban with speeches or comment cards, 90 percent were Denton residents.

Residents of Denton also supported the ban with a legal petition of close to 2,000 signatures.

The minority anti-ban contingent was predominantly represented by out-of-state fracking industry interest groups and lobbyists, lawyers who defend the industry and state officials tied to the industry they should be regulating.

November’s vote is not about the ban opponents who were supposedly unrepresented at the hearing. It is about the people of Denton versus the vested interests and money of the fracking industry.

The residents have spoken.

They will speak again with their votes in November to protect their health, their children’s health, their property values and the quality of life in their hometown, Denton.

Ed Soph, Denton