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Letters to the editor, Aug. 7

Consider Cobb for board

Members of CoServ Electric, we have a very important runoff election taking place. Read your August 2014 issue of CoServ magazine; all details are given and your voting ballot is enclosed.

Jerry Cobb, current CoServ board member, has served the membership for several years. He has served on many committees during his tenure, including chairman of the board of directors, and has now been entrusted by his fellow board members to be their representative on a generation and transmission board — a very important position.

The generation of electricity and transporting that electricity to our homes and businesses is of first and foremost concern to the members of CoServ.

In the July issue of the CoServ publication, CoServ has included information valuable to you in making your decision before voting — information relevant to the generation and transmission, the governing bodies to whom CoServ has to answer to and the growth of CoServ — all of which Mr. Cobb has been a part.

The plans of CoServ for the future wherein we, as members of CoServ, would benefit in having people of experience serving as members of our board.

CoServ is in the process of appointing a new president and chief executive officer. As that appointment becomes CEO of our board, that new CEO will need experienced board members.

Your vote is by mail-in ballot only. Members can vote regardless of the district in which they reside. Please complete and mail your ballot.

Vote considering the experience of Mr. Jerry Cobb.

Betty Farmer,