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Letters to the editor, Aug. 8

No hope for future

These Israeli Zionists have turn Gaza into an overcrowded concentration camp with no hope for the future. This Hamas action is essentially a ghetto prison camp uprising.

After 66 years of peace talks, the so-called “State of Palestine” is just a series of encampments being overrun by these Israeli settlements.

These atrocities committed by these Israelis against the people of Gaza are the same tragic atrocities the Nazis used against the Jews in 1939 through 1945. Genocide. It is ironic that the Jews now agree with fascism.

The Israelis want Hamas to recognize their right to exist. But they, in return, want to exterminate the Palestinians with a slow genocide as part of their apartheid politics.

The Zionists are claiming to be the victims. However, the ones living in hell and being killed are Palestinians.

If the Jews keep this up, this vengeance with no tolerance whatsoever, then, their claim to be “The Chosen Ones” may need to be corrected.

John Thompson,