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Letters to the editor, Aug. 9

Serve the public

Don’t get me started on UNT’s new school for lawyers. There are way too many lawyers, any way you look at it. The only real benefits will go to those who draw a salary from the school.

My almost 40 years of litigation experience, all of it bad, is that judges automatically dismiss any case or claim by a non-lawyer, no matter how much I research the law. It’s a “closed” system, and the lawyers own it. They use it to preserve their power, mostly to make money.

Law isn’t something concrete like engineering, science or medicine; legal “research” involves reading what some judge of uncertain qualifications decided and quoting it to another such judge.

If lawyers and lawyer judges didn’t have the police and the jails to use, their wages would be those of a librarian, not hundreds of dollars per hour.

They, of course, suppress non-lawyer competition.

We’re effectively an “occupied” country whose citizens mostly don’t resist. I have gone from thinking that my ideas would be given a fair hearing through outrage and disgust, finally to thinking it’s pathetic, even amusing.

Nihilism is the philosophy that morality doesn’t exist and humanity lacks a purpose — lawyers have helped me to get to this point of view.

I wish the new UNT school would teach lawyers to serve the public instead of themselves and to not charge exorbitant fees, but I’m not holding my breath.

Ross Melton Jr.,