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Letters to the editor, Aug. 10

Loud celebration

Kudos to Barbara C. Holladay-Vernon who so perfectly described the music part of the Fourth of July celebration in Apogee Stadium [DRC, July 19].

My wife and I decided to catch the last hour of the program, but unfortunately, came too early and were blasted out of our seats for a full hour.

When the band finally quit playing, two girls in Mean Green T-shirts appeared on the big screen and said something in a loud crackly voice accompanied by a picture that broke into fragments every few seconds.

We never figured out what they were promoting. Then the fireworks started to the sounds of more extremely loud music.

We live a couple of blocks from the field that was once part of the golf course. When we walked over there, we found quite a few people sitting on blankets or lawn chairs with a much better view of the fireworks.

If we go next year, we will definitely take our chairs and sit there and hope that the Kiwanis Club members will come through with their collection buckets. They fully merit our support since the proceeds go to children’s programs.

Charles Martin, Denton