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Letters to editor, Aug. 16

Hardship fracking

The anti-fracking letter by Mr. Beck [DRC, Aug. 14] is excellent and persuasive. My signature was also solicited on the street with a misleading statement by a pro-fracking employee.

Simple falsehood is not a criminal offense or a lot of our politicians would be in jail. And luck to any man who tells his wife’s mother the truth, what her scrimpy dress and hair really look like.

I don’t know the current rules. Should the present city rules be changed to only permit future fracking in special hardship cases? Like, some poor, little old widow near the corporate limits.

Too complicated?

Can we “reach across the aisle,” Mr. Beck?

H.L. Hall, Denton


Imperialist acts

I refer to your recent article [DRC, July 30] on the grading changes planned for the Denton school district. I was surprised to note that Superintendent Wilson was quoted as saying “the practices are administrative regulations and require no school board approval.”

Since these changes are considered to be controversial, does this mean that school board support was lacking, or that it was considered to be none of the members’ business?

In our current era of law by executive order, one can’t help but ask how far, if any, these imperialist administrative acts can go.

Just wondering.

Mike Rummell, Denton