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Letters to the editor, Aug. 19

Bigoted rhetoric

There is a total lack of moral responsibility among many who oppose rational changes to our immigration laws that include a path to citizenship. The prominent rhetoric used by the anti-immigrant crowd exposes their deficiency.

By constantly referring to immigrants as illegal, they are painting immigrants as evil persons, worthy of scorn and therefore can be treated inhumanely. This type of campaign is used to gain the support of bigots and racists who are afraid of change.

But why have so many immigrants risked their lives to come to the United States? Immigrants crossed the border because the American consumer rewarded businesses that utilized undocumented workers to increase their profits.

If you shop at big-box stores, eat at fast-food restaurants, drive on public streets or live in a house or apartment built or remodeled in the last 30 years, you benefited financially and have brought these workers here.

But does the anti-immigrant crowd call you an illegal consumer? No.

Do they call out these businesses as illegal businesses? No.

The anti-immigrant crowd has abdicated any moral authority in this debate, and until they change their bigoted rhetoric, they do not even deserve a voice in the discussion.

Gary Ardis,

Oak Point


Great job

It was a privilege to be part of a great event on July 27. This event was a fundraiser for Texas Woman’s University’s soccer program, but had it not been for Jeff Bowerman — assistant director of athletics marketing/operations, this event would not have been the success it was.

Jeff’s vision for coordinating so many parts to make this event a success was evident when it was run so smoothly and safely for the participants.

Many participants and volunteers could be quoted with kudos for these very things that made the whole event such a success. Great job, Jeff Bowerman. You are much appreciated in many ways.

Sandra Miller,